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Reiki is a holistic, non-invasive  energy therapy designed to bring relaxation and well-being to the recipient.  It is also used as a path to self-development for the Reiki practioner.

A typical Reiki session involves the recipient lying on a massage table, and the practitioner either lightly touches, or holds hands above the person to transfer the Reiki energy.  The word "Reiki' in Japanese, means Universal Life Force energy.  The recipient will feel perhaps heat or tingling.  What happens , is that the recipient falls into a state of deep relaxation, where the body and mind can more easily heal themselves.

The practitioner has been opened up to channel Reiki through a series of procedures known as attunements.  Not only are attunements a means of opening to the Reiki energy to give sessions, they are self-healing to the practitioner. In fact, many practitioners find that the process of learning Reiki helps with personal and spiritual development.

I am a Reiki master, and I do both sessions for those looking for relaxation and well-being, and I teach Reiki to those interested in it for either  helping others or self-development.  I do this in my home, on a one to one basis.

A word about my lessons; They are reasonably priced, but they are good, solid instruction.  I work individually with the student.  I do not use the frills that many Reiki Masters use to boost the price. You will be satisfied with the quality of my sessions, lessons, and attunements.

My prcies;

$50 per Reiki healing session

Level 1 Reiki , for self-healing and those in your family and close friends.   $100

Level 2 Reiki, using symbols and distance Reiki.  The level at which you are able to professionally practice. $200

Level 3 (Master) Reiki.  The level at which you can teach and do attumemnts.   Also, much attention is given to exercises for self-development.  $300.

If interested  email me at or call 917-995-5467.  I'm in the Greater Danbury, Connecticut area.

A bit about me: I was attuned to Reiki, and certified in early in 2001.  In the wake of September 11, I helped as a volunteer with an organization known as S.P.A.R.K., giving Reiki treatments for free to people of New York City.  I also volunteered doing Reiki at an organization called September Space.  Here, I worked with people directly affected by September 11.

I've worked professionally with clients giving relief to such things as anxiety, stress, cancer, HIV and AIDS, and physical pain.  I've also attuned and tutored in Reiki many students, some of whom went on to successful careers on their own.

I've expanded my practice to include animals, and in my tutoring, I teach animal Reiki.

In short, I've got a proven, strong positive effect on my clients, and many years of experience.