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Roxanne Baldwin Artist Resume

As an artist, I became tired of the whole "I'm going to express myself", selfish viewpoint.  I only have about 3 decades left,  and I want to do my part to change the world.  I have no money to be a philanthropist, but I do have my art.  Join me in my journey to change the world....just a little bit.

I was born the daughter of two commercial artists in Stamford, CT.  My first teacher was my mother, who put a drawing pencil in my hand as soon as I could grasp it.  Right away, I was hooked.

When I was about 16, I decided among all my interests (drama, writing, science and math), that art was my calling, and I decided to pursue it.  I was tutored by professional portrait artist Freda Dreany of Stamford, Connecticut.

I soon became fascinated by designs and meaningful subject matter.  My love is drawing, and colored pencil allowed me to add color to my ideas.

I've done numerous shows in Stamford and Greenwich, CT, and in New York, NY.  My resume is on the side.  I've also done illustrations, portraits and other commissions at request.